‘Should We Be Able To Vote In Mexico?’ — Tucker Takes On Supporter Of Illegal Immigrants Voting In U.S.

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took on magazine publisher Cathy Areu Thursday on the issue of illegal immigrants voting.


The Daily Caller co-founder asked, “If foreigners should be allowed to vote in our elections, why shouldn’t residents of Mississippi be allowed to vote in California elections?”

“Exactly we should! I mean, the United States is the United States,” Areu said. “So, yeah, if I’m a Floridian and I’m visiting New York so, why can’t I vote in new York? Absolutely. I think we should be able to vote wherever we happen to be, yeah.”


Carlson asked, “Should we be able to vote in Mexico?”

“Well, if we are contributing to their society and living there for years and perhaps if there’s a law that allows us to, absolutely,” she responded. “But the American way was established with people voting in the 1700s that were undocumented, so we actually were created as a nation of people that were undocumented and voting.”

“Oh yeah, it was, a nation of illegals for sure…”

“Undocumented,” she said.

“Yeah, illegal undocumented, that’s kind of a hybrid of the two,” Carlson responded. “But their constitution says that foreigners are not allowed to participate in any way in their politics. Isn’t that racist?”

“Well, I mean, but, America is not racist,” she responded. “That’s what makes America so beautiful. America is a melting pot so that would only make sense that we would allow people who are contributing to our society to vote. So that would make sense.”

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