Rep. Sherman Struggles To Justify Lawsuit Over U.S. Census Question

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Fox News’ Chris Wallace refused to let Democratic Rep. Brad Sherman weasel his way out of answering a key question about a lawsuit against a U.S. Census question on Sunday.


California is suing the Trump administration over the decision to add a question on citizenship to the U.S. Census. Wallace grilled Rep. Sherman, who represents California’s 30th district, over his assertion that the federal government is violating the Constitution by asking such a question.

“Isn’t California violating the Constitution by interfering with the federal government, which has supremacy when it comes to matters of immigration?” Wallace asked.

Sherman replied with the non-sequitur, “Chris, we need comprehensive immigration reform and until we get it we’ll be pulling our society apart.”

“Sir, sir, you’re not answering my question,” Wallace protested.

“California is absolutely within its rights,” Sherman insisted. “And California has sued the Trump administration 29 times — we haven’t lost once.”

“You’re not answering my question!” Wallace pressed again.

“I will,” Sherman declared, to which Wallace replied, “Well let’s get to it, we’re almost done sir.”

Sherman argued that although the federal government establishes immigration policy, California does not have to use its money and resources to enforce such policy. Sherman explained that the federal government also cannot compel states to enforce Medicaid policy, to which Wallace noted that the Constitution doesn’t say anything specifically about Medicaid.

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