Bed Bugs Found On Chairs In Kansas City International Airport


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Bed bugs were discovered on a chair in a seating area at Kansas City International Airport Sunday, USA Today reports.

The live bed-bug infestation was found by airport security on an upholstered chair in Terminal B but did not spread to any other areas, including nearby restaurants and cafés.

Terminal B was closed for a portion of the day while the infestation was controlled and cleaned and officials plan to reopen the area Monday.

Bed bug discoveries on airplanes and in public areas like airports and hotels are not uncommon. In January, a British Airways plane had to cancel takeoff after the crew refused to work on a bed-bug infestation on board. Another British Airways bed-bug incident happened earlier in October.

As a British Airways spokesperson told Metro UK, “The presence of bed bugs is an issue faced occasionally by hotels and airlines all over the world.”

It’s no mystery how bed bugs are traveling internationally these days. Thankfully, most airlines pay close attention to this type of contamination and there are tips on how to spot bed bugs on airplanes before they reach your skin.