NYT Columnist Calls For Sugar And Ammo Tax

Amber Athey White House Correspondent
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A columnist for The New York Times said on MSNBC Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s corporate tax cut should have been coupled with a tax on sugar, ammo and carbon.


Tom Friedman argued that Trump “poured gas” on President Barack Obama’s “strong economy” by giving a tax cut to corporations.

“I happen to be in favor of corporate tax cuts but I would have paired it with a tax on carbon, a tax on sugar, a tax on bullets and a small financial transaction tax,” he stated. “So that we cut corporate taxes over here to unleash our corporate power but didn’t increase our deficit by another trillion dollars.”

Friedman said he even supports getting rid of all corporate taxes as long as it is paired with a sugar tax because “we cannot afford diabetes anymore.”

“It’s going to bankrupt our financial system,” he said. “We’re driving without a bumper and a spare tire and Donald Trump is behind the wheel — what could go wrong?”

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