‘Crisis Is Real, Many More Coming’: DHS Sec Warns Of Illegal Flood On Border

Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent
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Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen warned of a flood of illegal immigration in the coming months absent drastic action, in a Thursday morning interview on “Fox and Friends.”

“Given the numbers we had last month, they just came out, 50,000 in April is the number that we interdicted or otherwise was inadmissible. That is a 200 percent increase from March of 2017. This crisis is real. There are many more people coming to take advantage of these loopholes and are being trained by the smugglers,” Nielsen declared.

The secretary highlighted recently released numbers from Customs and Border Patrol, which show a 37 percent increase in the number of apprehensions at the border.

Nielsen noted that the increase in illegal border crossings was a major impetus in President Donald Trump’s decision to mobilize the national guard in southern border states to enhance border security. “While plans are being finalized, it’s our expectation that the National Guard will deploy personnel in support of CBP’s border security mission,” she told White House reporters Wednesday.

The troops will assist the Department of Homeland Security and Border Patrol agents with aerial surveillance and other tasks.