Alan Dershowitz: ‘Radicals’ And ‘Lefties’ Are Trying To Take Down Trump

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Harvard professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said that “radicals” and “lefties” are trying to take down President Trump on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday.


Dershowitz said, “I think the key point is to make sure that in an effort to get Trump, we don’t diminish our civil liberties and create bad precedents…”

“Who’s trying to get Trump?” Stelter asked.

“A lot of people are trying to get Trump, a lot of radicals, and lot of lefties,” Dershowitz said

“A lot of people–a lot of my friends and relatives are furious at me because they want to get Trump, and I’m in their way, I’m standing in the way by of getting Trump by raising Article Two issues, civil liberties issues, civil rights issues… If you don’t think there are people are out there that trying to get Trump, just like they were trying to get Hillary Clinton, people were trying to get Hillary Clinton–‘lock her up.'”

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