These Award-Winning Shower Heads Are On Sale For Over 30% Off

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After a long day in the office or a hard workout at the gym, do you often find yourself unwinding in the shower? Want to turn those few brief minutes into something genuinely spectacular every day? Then transform your shower into a luxurious experience with one of these award-winning Methven Shower Heads.

Normally $168, these shower heads are 31 percent off

Normally $168, these shower heads are 31 percent off

Methven Shower Heads on sale for $114.99

These shower heads give you a divine shower experience every use through the right combination of elegance and ergonomics. Meaning, you’ll shower in comfort and total warmth thanks to a full-bodied spray the shower head delivers to provide maximum body contact. In other words, you’ll get 25% more spray force than your traditional shower head and receive twice the water coverage, elevating your new shower experience into a league of its own. Plus, you’ll use water more efficiently thanks to the shower heads’ optimized water flow rate, which means you’ll save money and water using a Methven.

Even better, these Red Dot Design Award Winners are simple to install and durable. So, it’s great for those who love DIY projects or want to save more money by not hiring a handyman. Also, the shower heads are limescale resistant, so you don’t need to worry about them clogging up or getting damaged over time.

Transform your everyday shower into a divine experience with one of the Methven Shower Heads for $114.99 in The Daily Caller Shop. That’s 31% off the original price of $168.

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