Jennifer Rubin: Paul Ryan ‘Made A Pact With The Devil’

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post’s “conservative” blogger, claimed on Tuesday that Speaker Paul Ryan “made a pact with the devil” by working with President Trump.


In a podcast with POLITICO, Rubin lamented the current state of the Republican Party and said she feels the party has become “immoral” and “anti-American.”

The Republican Party “has become the caricature the left always said it was—the party of old white men. And that has become more so in the age of Donald Trump, when he is actively courting and stoking white resentment,” Rubin asserted.

Rubin said she used to think that Speaker Ryan was still a “conservative” under her definition of the term, but then “made a pact with the devil and decided to go into the Trump coalition, if you will.”

“Republicans have permanently eliminated themselves from credibility to govern,” Rubin said. “You can’t be willing to sacrifice core American values for the sake of a tax cut and be deemed to be worthy of trust going forward.”

For their part, POLITICO praised Rubin as a “conservative intellectual” who “has dreams of a new party rising from the charred principles of conservatism, or of the Democratic Party rushing in to fill the void left in the center.”

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