MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Asks Cory Booker If Trump Is A ‘Criminal’

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MSNBC host Chris Hayes asked Democratic New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker if President Donald Trump should be considered a “criminal” Wednesday on “All In.”

“Do you think the president’s a criminal,” Hayes asked.

“Look, I’m one of those folks that says let’s go where the evidence leads. And right now, we have a special counsel that is doing a thorough investigation,” Booker replied. “Let’s not get ahead of our skis. Let’s make sure we support the special counsel’s investigation.”

Booker thinks if the president is innocent, he should tone down his rhetoric and allow the investigation play out.


“If the president, like he says he has nothing to worry about, he should be backing off on the rhetoric — backing off on the things he’s doing to undermine the investigation and let it take its course. And then let’s draw our conclusions from the evidence that’s gathered,” Booker said.

“I think it’s politically perilous the way we are throwing things around and getting ahead of this investigation,” he continued. “I think we need to let this prosecutor, let the special counsel rather do their job and draw conclusions after the evidence comes forward.”

Booker also believes Democrats need to limit their talk of impeachment to avoid further political division.

“I think that we undermine our position as Democrats if we are reaching out now for impeachment which is just going to whip up more of the political divisions,” Booker concluded.

“I’ll take criticism for [saying] that, but that’s okay. We need sober minds, fact-based conclusions drawn from evidence as presented.”

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