Foster Friess Running For Wyoming Governor – Commits To One Term, Donating Salary

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Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent
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Conservative billionaire Foster Friess will mount a gubernatorial campaign in the state of Wyoming and has committed to serving only one term, his spokesman Bailey Shelbourne told The Daily Caller Friday.

Shelbourne told TheDC that not only will Friess commit to one term, but he will also donate his governor’s salary to charities selected by Wyoming voters.

“I have decided to put myself out as someone who might be able to serve the people of Wyoming because my background lends me to the ability to increase the returns on our state funds without dramatically increasing the risk,” Friess declared in his announcement at the Wyoming Republican Party’s convention Friday.

He added that his travel and business experience allows him “to know a lot of companies who I might be able to attract to Wyoming.”

Friess said he wants to make Wyoming “a model for the rest of the country as to how we can do things civilly and in an intelligent, kind way.”

“Wyoming can be a model for the rest of the country because Wyoming is what America could be.”

Editor’s Note: Friess was an early investor in The Daily Caller.