CNN’s Cillizza Does Entire Segment On Awkward Trump, Macron Photo


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN’s Chris Cillizza did an entire segment on Tuesday about an awkward photo taken of the Trumps and the Macrons.


Cillizza spent two minutes on a photo of President Trump, President Macron and the First Ladies all holding hands during the Macrons’ visit to the White House. The CNN chyron read, “Cillizza’s 9 Thoughts On Epic Picture Of Trumps & Macrons.”

The editor-at-large started the segment by cracking a joke about how he was not invited to Tuesday night’s State Dinner before analyzing the photograph.

“So, obviously, a lot of people talking about Melania Trump’s hat,” Cillizza started. “But, I just want to point one thing out. People will say, ‘oh why’ — I find the political theatrics fascinating.”

“Why is Macron doing the hook ’em horns sign?” he asked. “It’s either that or the Gene Simmons KISS guitarist thing, but either way it’s super weird! Melania Trump grabbing his other two fingers — that’s a pro move.”

“These are the things that I spend my life trying to figure out, Brooke,” Cillizza concluded. “It’s a blessing and a curse.”

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