Hillary Clinton Attacks Trump Administration, Gives Sermon On The ‘Resentment And Fear’ Of Americans

Hillary Clinton AFP/Getty Images/Jewel Samad

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Hillary Clinton gave a keynote speech at the Regional Plan Association conference Friday.

She continued to attack President Trump, as well as gave a lecture about Americans’ supposed “resentment and fear.”

“A lot of attention has been devoted in recent years to the challenges caused by a diverse society and a globalized economy,” Clinton said. “And we should admit–there are real challenges. Sometimes though, it’s hard to separate legitimate concerns from resentment and fear.”

“But I believe that America’s diversity, our connections to the wider world, aren’t weaknesses. They’re some of our greatest competitive advantages. They enable us to take advantage of innovation and opportunities in real time,” she said. (RELATED: NEW BOOK: Hillary Clinton Went On ‘F**k-Laced’ Tirade Against Trump During 2016 Debate Prep)

“So yes, there are some trying times that we are in the midst of, between an administration that seems more focused on tweeting than making policy, and a gridlocked Congress, it’s no wonder that too many people are feeling discouraged. And so instead of making the long overdue investments that we need, we see this current administration in Washington taking us in the wrong direction by cutting money from public housing programs…” (RELATED: Hillary ‘Was Very Flirty’ — Tell-All Book About Hillary’s Campaign Is Filled With Scandalous Gossip)

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