Paddle Boarder Hits The Waves For Some Fun, But This Dolphin Has Other Plans [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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A paddle boarder hit the waves in Australia for some fun last week, but apparently one dolphin wasn’t happy he was out there and took the rider out in an epic knockdown.

It happened when 54-year-old paddle boarder, Andrew Hill, was enjoying the open ocean in Gracetown, Western Australia, when he came across a pod of dolphins, according to CBS Sports.

In the video, we see the boarder getting close to the dolphins when one appears to leap straight out of the water and using the side of his body knocked the man clear off his board into the water.


When asked later about the hit, the man said being a Rugby player made him know how to take a hit. But the one the dolphin put on him ranked right up there with some of the hardest hits he’s ever taken in the game of ruby.

Seriously, what a hit!