Police Release Body Cam Footage From Las Vegas Shooting


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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The Las Vegas police have released partial body cam footage showing them entering Stephen Paddock’s room after he gunned down dozens of people at an outdoor concert in October.

The footage released on Wednesday shows police officers entering the room as a fire alarm from the hotel rings in the background. One officer can be heard noting that Paddock had a surveillance camera “pointed down the hallway.”


The officers slowly clear the hotel room, telling one another to check under the bed and breach the closets before bringing in a police dog.

Paddock rained bullets down on the October 1 country concert out of the window of his Mandalay Bay hotel room, killing 58 people before turning the gun on himself.

The original timeline released after the shooting and the inability of police to establish a motive for Paddock have led some to question how the investigation is being handled. Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, however, said at a news conference on Tuesday that the newly released footage “in no way changes the facts.”

“The clients have always wanted answers — to know more about what happened and to have a bigger picture about everything about that night and the days and hours leading up to it,” Michelle Simpson Tuegel, an attorney representing some of the victims of the shooting, said on Wednesday. “It seems like we have gotten piecemeal information.”

“It’s interesting because this is still the most severe mass shooting in U.S. history, the numbers of people who were injured and killed were still the highest and most severe… and yet this story has fallen silent,” she added.

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