Kurt Warner Hits Back At People Thinking His Tweet Was About ESPN Snub

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Kurt Warner hit back at people who thought his tweet about the “best person for the job” not getting the position was a comment on Jason Witten getting the ESPN job.

“Absolutely not. I didn’t even know that was an issue. And that had absolutely nothing to do with ‘Monday Night Football,'” the Hall of Fame quarterback said during his appearance Thursday on Bernie Miklasz of 101 ESPN. “Had nothing to do with anything that I was dealing with personally at that point in time.”

Kurt Warner (Photo: YouTube Screenshot)

Kurt Warner (Photo: YouTube Screenshot)

“It had to do with some different things that I saw were out there, you know, different things that were going on . . . where we are in this society as a whole,” he added. “And I reference back to times when I was playing, for sure. There were times when I really felt like I was the best person for the job and I always thought, ‘OK, when you get to the highest level, when you get to like the NFL level, the best person for the job’s just gonna get the job.'”

“It doesn’t matter where they’re drafted or how much money they make or what their pedigree is, and I realized very quickly that that’s not the case in the sport of football and at a high level. But that had nothing to do with the Monday Night Football thing,” he continued. “I mean, you know, first and foremost, how could you ever say that when a guy like Jason Witten has never called a game before?”

“I mean, I don’t know what Jason Witten is going to be as a broadcaster but, you know, there would be no way for me to say, ‘Well, I’m definitely better than everybody that tried out for that position,'” Warner explained. “I don’t even know who tried out for the position. So that had absolutely nothing to do with Monday Night Football or anything that I was directly involved with.”

Later, he also tweeted that once again his post had nothing to do with “NOT getting MNF color job.”

On Wednesday, Warner tweeted that “I remember the days growing up believing the BEST person for the job – not race, not gender, not age, not pedigree -led to gaining position.”