Clinton Thought About Leaving Country After Trump Won

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Amber Athey White House Correspondent
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Hillary Clinton said on Monday that she thought about permanently relocating to New Zealand after Donald Trump won the 2016 election.


Clinton was speaking at a Growth Faculty event in Auckland, NZ when she pandered to the crowd by joking that she entertained many offers to move there after the election.

“New Zealand’s success in bringing together people from different backgrounds and beliefs, having such a vital democracy, is an example which we so desperately need in the world,” Clinton said. “It really means more in the 21st century than perhaps you even recognize, because I love visiting this country.”

“I want to thank some of you for sending good wishes a very long way during my campaign and in the months that followed,” she continued. “I received a number of invitations from Kiwis to permanently relocate here.”

She added as the audience laughed, “I must say, I really did appreciate the offers, gave them some thought.”

Clinton concluded by stating that she would stay in the United States because there is still “work to do.”

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