WATCH: Maxine Waters Says ‘Damn This President!’

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters condemned support for Donald Trump during a speech to a Teamsters union group in Los Angeles.


“I want you to know this: whether it is healthcare, or whether it is food stamps, or whether it is any of the issues dealing with the least of these, and whether it’s issues about whether or not our government and our elected officials are going to support the right to organize and support the right to bargain. It has not been Republicans, it is always Democrats. We’ve been there for you,” Waters said in the comments first reported on by The American Mirror.

“We’re gonna stay there for you. And damn this president! We’re not going to let him destroy organized labor.”

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is now a fan of Waters. In an April appearance, Clinton said, “You know, maybe I don’t need to say this because it’s pretty obvious. We are living in challenging times. We’re living through a war on truth, facts and reason, watching as racist and white supremacist views are lifted up in the media and in the White House.”

“But despite it all, there are signs of hope and resilience. And much of that is being led and shaped by black women like my dear friend Maxine Waters,” she added. (RELATED: Hillary Clinton Praises ‘Black Women’ Like ‘My Dear Friend’ Maxine Waters)

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