Chris Cuomo Thinks The Swamp Has Gotten Even Murkier Under Trump

Mike Brest Reporter
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CNN’s Chris Cuomo told John Avlon and Jeffrey Toobin Wednesday that President Trump’s administration has added to the swampiness of politics in Washington D.C.

“It’s not illegal, it’s wrong. Trump said he would clean it up,” Cuomo stated. “If anything it seems the swamp is murkier than ever. We’ve been hearing that from Fox News.”

Cuomo, his co-host Alisyn Camerota, Toobin and Avlon were speaking about the recent developments in the ongoing case surrounding Michael Cohen’s payments.

Cohen, the president’s personal lawyer, was paid by numerous organizations following Trump’s election victory, one of them being AT&T. As noted on CNN, the payments are not inherently illegal, but would be if Cohen promised preferential access to the president through his private attorney.

In response to Cuomo’s comment, Toobin said, “I think we need to be clear about that. This is a sleazy business. Someone close to the president getting $200,000 from AT&T which is trying to acquire our parent company in a controversial transaction. That is a sleazy business, but it is not illegal.”

At this point it’s still unclear if Cohen broke any laws.