Whoopi Defends Obama ‘Apology Tour,’ Sunny Renames It ‘Friendship Tour’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Whoopi Goldberg defended former President Barack Obama’s global “Apology Tour” during Wednesday morning’s episode of “The View” on ABC.

“He went around apologizing, again, because our allies were shut out by someone,” she stated. “That’s why he went around.”

The conversation began with the news that North Korea had released three American prisoners, who were on their way back to the United States with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Meghan McCain responded, saying that she had initially been unsure of President Donald Trump’s relatively bombastic diplomatic style, but that it appeared to be more effective than Obama’s apologies.

“I was very sort of skeptical about this kind of diplomacy … but I kind of think that maybe Trump and Kim Jong Un are, like, both crazy like a fox. Maybe he’s like, I’m not gonna mess with Trump. And global world leaders were not scared of President Obama. The first thing he did when he got into office was go on a national apology … an international apology tour, going around the world apologizing for America.”

Goldberg then jumped in, taking a backhanded swipe at former President George W. Bush and saying that Obama felt his apologies might have been necessary. “He felt that he needed to do it because of how we had treated our allies.”

Sunny Hostin also defended Obama, suggesting that a better name for what he did would be a “friendship tour,” saying that America needed a president who treated diplomacy the way the Obama did.