Former Trump Aide Michael Caputo: Mueller Team Is ‘Managing To Manufacture Crimes’


Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Former Trump aide Michael Caputo said Thursday on CNN that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team probing into possible Russian collusion with the 2016 Trump presidential campaign is “managing to manufacture crimes.”


Caputo stated he believes the Mueller team is not into the investigation “for the hell of it, they’re in to it to catch someone.”

“Even though it doesn’t seem so far that they’ve got direct evidence, of Russian collusion, they’re still managing to manufacture crimes,” Caputo said.

He believes Paul Manafort “has a really good chance at defeating” the charges brought against him during the Russia probe, and that “the Mueller team is headed to jamming up Roger Stone,” a longtime Republican operative who is currently under scrutiny over his connections with Russia and Wikileaks.

“First of all, they’re not going to find any Russian collusion on Roger Stone’s part, but if, when they don’t, they’re going to be very frustrated,” Caputo continued. “They’ll go after him for j-walking.”

The former Trump aide also said he is not comfortable calling the Mueller probe a “witch hunt,” but that the investigation is “finding people, and then they’re trying to find crimes. They’re not seeing crimes, and then they’re trying to find people.”

Caputo, like several other members of the Trump campaign, has been interviewed multiple times by various factions involved in the Russia probe, including the Mueller team and Congressional investigations. (RELATED: ‘God Damn You To Hell’: Ex-Trump Aide Blows Up During Senate Interview)

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