Toronto Mayor Says Asylum Seekers Will Soon Dominate City’s Shelters

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Toronto Mayor John Tory says so many “refugees” are streaming into the city that they will probably dominate the city’s homeless shelters by the fall. According to CBC News, the city is already spending $64 million in tax dollars to keep the illegal immigrants in hotels.

On average, 10 people a night are arriving at Canada’s largest city — usually from the U.S. or via Quebec — and claim to be refugees. Tory wants the Trudeau government, which already spends hundreds of millions to process the influx of illegals, to help with the accommodation costs.

Tory doesn’t want to turn anyone away because the city is such a “generous” one.

“The people of Toronto are generous, they are understanding and they value our role as Canadians in accommodating people in their time of need,” he said in a press release Friday.

“But the federal and provincial governments need to honor their values and their commitments to these populations as well.”

So far in 2018, almost 6,000 migrants have entered Quebec from New York state at a makeshift border crossing. Some are apparently not stopping there and continuing their journey to Toronto. While they wait for Canadian border officials to assess their refugee status, they receive taxpayer-funded accommodations, health care and legal aid.

Liberal Member of Parliament Adam Vaughan told CBC News that “there is a system in place” to assist Toronto but he doesn’t know how much extra funding it will mean. Vaughan believes the city should be doing more to build affordable housing for the people who are already crowding the city’s shelters.

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