Father Of Girl Slain By MS-13 Says Gang Members Are ‘Animals’

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Rob Mickens, whose daughter was murdered by MS-13, said on Fox News Wednesday that he thinks the gang members are “animals.”


President Donald Trump has doubled down several times on his claims that MS-13 members are animals, despite blowback from the media and Democrats who say he should not dehumanize them. (RELATED: Media Falsely Accuses Trump Of Calling Immigrants ‘Animals’)

Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson asked Mickens how he felt about the controversy surrounding Trump’s comments.

“He was actually being very polite about it,” Mickens replied. “You know, he can’t really say what’s on his mind because people like to take things out of context. But what they did is a savage act and he nailed it right on the head by calling them animals.”

“Why do you think people would defend them?” Carlson questioned.

Mickens asserted that people want to “be on the opposite side of what the president is trying to do.”

“Which is basically just trying to help us, not my family, but help us, the United States,” he added, “the citizens of the United States with this problem with the MS-13, how it’s ruining families.”

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