‘It Drives Me Crazy’ — Jesse Watters Breaks From ‘The Five’ Crew To Hammer Trump On Grammar

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Fox News host Jesse Watters is a frequent defender of President Trump and his policies, but his support apparently doesn’t extend to the president’s frequent grammatical mistakes.

During a Wednesday discussion on Fox News’ “The Five” about retired English teacher Yvonne Mason’s much-publicized grammatical criticism of a Trump letter, Watters broke from his fellow commentators to criticize the president for grammatical errors, particularly the “gobbledygook” that often appears on the president’s Twitter feed. (RELATED: CNN Gives Major Airtime To Teacher Who Corrected Trump’s Spelling)


“I think it’s legit,” Watters said of the criticism. “I’ve defended this president on a lot of stuff, as well all know, but I can’t defend him on that. It drives me crazy.”

Watters noted that since his parents are in education, he is a “stickler for all that stuff.”

“I read these tweets, and it’s just gobbledygook,” said Watters. “I get that he has a great brain and he went to the best schools but I don’t understand why that doesn’t come across on Twitter. He speaks properly, he just can’t write properly. Apparently, ‘The New York Times’ said he does misspellings on purpose so he is like, one of the folks. I don’t know if I buy that. But it drives me nuts. I would say clean it up and that would be my advice. Make it work.”

Co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle saw the teacher’s corrections as a way “to try to humiliate and cheapen the presidency,” and Geraldo Rivera agreed.

Dana Perino noted that it was technically correct to capitalize words like “nation, state, and federal” according to the federal style guide.

“I will tell you why it circulated,” added Greg Gutfeld. “There is so much good news going on, I love this story. It’s not ISIS. We haven’t done a nice story in ages because our president helped destroy ISIS. So if this lady wants to have fun marking things up and impressing her friends, that means this is going pretty well. It means our economy is growing, ISIS is dead for now, North Korea looks like it could be happening. There’s so much good news, this is all they’ve got.”

“People feel good about themselves by putting other people down, that seems to be the case,” said Guilfoyle.

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