Purify Your Air To Purify Your Life [UPDATED]

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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UPDATE: The first version of this article included the wrong discount code. The correct code is IFGY5Q7F

How’s the air quality in your home? I guarantee you there’s dust, pollen and all sorts of other debris and odors. And while you may not THINK it’s a huge problem, I have no doubt that your health, wellbeing and quality of life will improve immediately upon purifying it.

But how do you purify it? Thankfully, there are machines that do just that. Specifically, I’m talking about this Intey air purifier. It utilizes true HEPA technology, allowing it to filter 99.97 percent of the particles in your air. We feel so strongly about this product that we went and got you a 50+ percent off discount:

Normally $89, this air purifier is 55 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $89, this air purifier is 54 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

INTEY Hepa Air Purifier – 16-Inch Home Air Cleaner with Auto-Off Timer/Ions Button for Allergy Season on sale for $40.05 with code IFGY5Q7F

Right now we find ourselves in the midst of allergy season. If you suffer from such an affliction, you NEED to purify your air. And you need to do it quick, considering this code expires on June 9.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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