Georgetown Prof: Trump ‘Excretes The Feces Of His Moral Depravity’


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson went on an angry rant against President Donald Trump and Republicans on “The View” Monday that left some of the hosts in shock.

“We got a guy who gets up every morning and excretes the feces of his moral depravity into a nation he has turned into psychic commode,” Dyson said of Trump, as at least one host can be heard reacting with disgust.

“He is the bigot in chief and racist in residence,” he added.


“Look at this mendacious, relentlessly lying, bigoted, ill-informed person that we have,” Dyson continued. “He is the fleshly thesaurus of white supremacy reduced to one body.”


Dyson continued by asserting that the Republican Party is too racist and bigoted to attract black voters, even though evangelical black people may be sympathetic to their cause.

“If Republicans weren’t so racist, they could encourage black people who are morally conservative to be on their side,” he asserted. “I’m always arguing against black people in church about homophobia, about the place of women, but I know there are deeply rooted conservative values that need to be taken advantage of if Republicans weren’t so bigoted and weren’t so racist.”

“All Republicans are bigoted?” cohost Joy Behar pushed back.

“Not all of them but enough of them to make a difference, enough of them who don’t speak up,” Dyson claimed.

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