Joy Behar Accuses Trump Of Saying ‘He’s Above The Law’ — Hours After He Said The Opposite

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor

Joy Behar claimed on Friday morning that President Donald Trump “says he is above the law” — just hours after the president told a pool of reporters, “I’m not above the law. I never want anybody to be above the law.”

Behar was responding, on ABC’s “The View,” to the TIME magazine cover illustration titled “King me.”

She called the image horrifying, saying, “Now the new Time magazine cover was ripped straight out of my nightmares. It depicts trump fawning at himself in the mirror, imagining himself as a king rather than a president. Look at this: King Me.”

Paula Faris said that it might reference the difference between the way Trump sees himself and the way others see him, suggesting that he is “somewhat of a narcissist.”

Behar interrupted, “Somewhat? He wants to pardon himself. He says he is above the law.” (RELATED: Ted Cruz Lays Out Constitutional Case For President Trump Pardoning Himself)

But just hours earlier, as he addressed reporters at the White House before boarding Marine One en route to the G-7 Summit, President Trump had answered that very question.

When asked whether he had the right to pardon himself, Trump said that he did — but he also said that he would never need to, since he had not done anything wrong. To the follow-up question, asking whether he believed that he was above the law, the president responded, “No. I’m not above the law. I never want anybody to be above the law.”