Meghan McCain Slams Robert De Niro, Bill Maher For Anti-Trump Comments: This ‘Only Helps’ Trump [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Meghan McCain blew up on Robert De Niro and Bill Maher for their anti-President Donald Trump comments and said they are only helping the president.

The comments came during a panel discussion Monday on “The View” over De Niro saying “Fuck Trump” during his appearance a the Tony Awards Sunday night and Maher saying on his HBO show that the way to take down the president is to crash the economy.

Sunny Hostin said she found the “Raging Bull” star’s comments “a bit crass,” but that “this is still America. You get to say what you want to say. It’s constitutional.”

Then McCain schooled them all.

“I thought it was gross,” McCain interjected. “And I  think that when you are talking about how Trump is degrading our national discourse with his language, this is not the way to combat Trump. It only helps him.”

“When people like me — and clearly I have so many issues with Trump, as everyone knows … I’m like, ‘Huh, this is just not the way to combat this,'” she explained.  “You have Bill Maher over the weekend saying, ‘I think one way you get rid of Trump is crashing the economy, so please bring on the recession.’ Obviously, Samantha Bee’s comments last week about Ivanka Trump. It’s like a siren song for the right. Turn on Fox News right now, and I’m sure this is just on repeat.”

“It gets very tribal, and this is not the way to combat it,” she continued. “If [De Niro] had something to say about Trump, he is an eloquent, well-known actor, and I’m sure he could say a lot of things about democracy and freedom much like we did at the top of the show that would have been a lot more effective.”