Catholic Law School Roasted For Urging Students To Donate To Planned Parenthood


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Georgetown University Law School recently removed a controversial page that prompted students to donate to left-leaning organizations because it was inconsistent with proper research practices.

The online civil rights guide, accessible via web archive, listed several “Organizations You can Support” such as Planned Parenthood and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

It was taken down because it wasn’t “consistent with the Law Library’s research practices,” executive communications director Mimi Koumanelis told The Daily Caller via email. “Georgetown’s Law Library Research practices discourage any advocacy and promote objective, fact-based research.”

Georgetown is the oldest Catholic university in America.

TFP Student Action, an organization advocating for traditional and family values, launched a petition in May which collected over 13,000 signatures and was addressed directly to Georgetown’s president Dr. John DeGioia.

TFP’s director John Ritchie told Campus Reform that “you can’t be a good Catholic and at the same time favor Planned Parenthood.”

Ritchie also praised the university for removing the “pro-abortion advocacy page.” (RELATED: Georgetown Christian Group Forced To Justify Existence Before Jury Of Peers)

“What I’m really praying for is that the underlying cause which led to the pro-abortion page’s appearance is seriously addressed, so that the spirit and doctrine of Holy Mother Church is upheld in every facet of life at Georgetown, now and in the future,” Ritchie said.

The Cardinal Newman Society, a nonprofit promoting “faithful Catholic education,” also criticized the school.

“The university needs to own up to this sort of activity that is directly contrary to its catholic mission,” CNS president Patrick Reilly told The Caller in a phone interview. “This sort of thing happens repeatedly.”

Reilly noted that Georgetown has “been on our radar for many years.”