Watters: If A Reporter Acts Like A ‘Wild Animal,’ They Should Lose Their WH Press Pass

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter

Fox News host Jesse Watters went after CNN reporters Thursday, saying if they act like a “wild animal,” their White House press passes should be revoked.


Watters singled out Brian Karem, a CNN contributor, and Jim Acosta, White House senior correspondent for CNN, after both got into testy exchanges with White House press secretary Sarah Sanders Thursday.

“This guy is an emotional wreck. He embarrassed himself, he doesn’t belong in that room,” Watters said. “It’s like Acosta. I don’t care if you have opinions like that, be an analyst. Go debate it on CNN in primetime, but don’t pretend to be a non-partisan correspondent and then melt down like that and embarrass your integrity.”

He continued, “These people don’t belong there, they’re jokes, they need to start ripping press passes away. If you’re going to act like a wild animal, you don’t belong there.”

Watters also went on to say that if it were “a conservative reporter yelling at a female Democrat press secretary, the lead story would be different.”

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