Democratic Rep Blasts GOP Over IG Report — Before Reading It Through

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New York Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler made sweeping generalizations about the IG report released Thursday, but admitted he didn’t actually read the full document.


“I’ve only had time to read the executive summary, but after reviewing it, I have two key reactions,” Nadler stated during a Thursday press conference. “The decisions described in the report all helped Donald Trump win the election.”

Nadler tried to defend his lack of reading by noting that Democratic California Sen. Dianne Feinstein had only read the executive summary as well. (RELATED: Haspel Fact Checks Feinstein During Confirmation Hearing)

“All the errors were in Trump’s favor,” Nadler continued, adding that “the report today confirms that we were right to be worried about [the FBI’s] double standard” against Hillary Clinton.

“The comments of my Republican colleagues since this report was released are completely untethered from reality. Republicans are clinging to the hope that somehow, someway, their long-debunked myth of an F.B.I. conspiracy against President Trump is still true,” he said.

Throughout his spiel, Nadler used phrases such as “the report today confirms,” and “as the report puts it.”

Nadler is ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee. Feinstein holds the same position in the Senate.