Disgraced Former Missouri Gov Eric Greitens Reportedly Mulling Senate Run

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Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, who resigned from his post this month over scandals involving alleged sexual misconduct and misusing a charity donor list, could be back in the political spotlight in the worst possible way for Republicans hoping to maintain control of the Senate.

Missouri radio station KZRG reports that Greitens “is entertaining the idea of running for one of Missouri’s two U.S Senate seats, but not on the Republican ticket, but as an Independent.”

The state would reportedly allow Greitens or anyone else to run as an Independent provided the candidate is able to get 10,000 registered voter signatures by the end of July.

It’s a goal that, according to New York Mag’s Ed Kilgore, shouldn’t be difficult considering the Democrats who would be more than “happy to rustle up” the required signatures for Greitens in order to help Senator Claire McCaskill get over the top in what would otherwise be a tough race. (RELATED: Charges Dropped Against Embattled Governor Eric Greitens)

According to Kilgore, the fact that Attorney General Josh Hawley, the man likely to face off against McCaskill for the GOP, was one of the first and most prominent to throw Greitens “under the bus” when the scandals came to light could motivate Greitens to seek his revenge by denying Hawley and any other Republican the Senate seat.

“Indeed, if this all actually happens and Greitens makes the November ballot, it will be a sign of divine favor for incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill,” Kilgore said. “Six years ago, she won reelection after Republican nominee Todd Akin imploded via really stupid and obnoxious comments about rape. Could she be that fortunate again? We may know by July 30.”

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