CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Wrecks Comparison Between Detention Centers And Concentration Camps

(CNN 6/18/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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CNN’s Wolf Blitzer confronted General Michael Hayden on “The Situation Room” over his tweet comparing America’s detention facilities to concentration camps Monday afternoon.


“You understand the controversy that any comparison to the Holocaust, yes, the kids were brought on the trains, to Birkenau which was at Auschwitz,” Blitzer stated.

“I speak with some authority on this. My grandparents were murdered at Auschwitz,” he continued. “My dad survived, but two of his brothers and two of his sisters were killed. They were separated. They weren’t separated to go to some other facility. They were separated to die. They were killed. When you make the comparison to Auschwitz, that’s a powerful image.”

“You had a new government in power with a cult of personality, a cult of nativism, a cult of untruth, a cult where it was acceptable to punish the marginalized segments of society,” Hayden stated in response to Blitzer’s questions.

Hayden was the Director of the CIA during the Obama Administration and served as the Director of the NSA under the Clinton and Bush Administrations.

He is not the only person who has made the comparison. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough first made the comment late last week. (RELATED: ‘MORNING JOE’ COMPARES US IMMIGRATION DETENTION FACILITIES TO CONCENTRATION CAMPS)