Everyone Is Talking About This Reporter’s Meltdown At Senate Intelligence Hearing

John Wellington Digital Content Manager
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A Washington Examiner reporter’s meltdown after learning Capitals head Coach Barry Trotz was stepping down at the Senate Intelligence hearing Monday afternoon is taking over social media.

The head coach of the 2018 Stanley Cup Champions elected to resign after four years with the team Monday.

While this news is disappointing for all Caps fans, one in particular had an especially hilarious public meltdown.

Over the right shoulder of Michael Horowitz at the Senate Judiciary hearing, Examiner reporter Kelly Cohen can be seen looking at her phone and having a complete mental breakdown.

“WHAT?” she clearly mouths. She then sits motionless in her chair with an expression of pure shock and disbelief.

She had this to say about the incident:


She would then quickly learn that the moment was caught on camera and had become pure internet gold.


Then, yet another video captures the exact moment Cohen realizes she has gone viral:

Several others chimed in to poke fun at, or show support for Cohen and her terrible, terrible loss:

This is a horrible day for Washington Capitals fans everywhere. Believe me when I say I know exactly how you feel, Kelly.