DENIED! — Mika Shuts Down Creepy Joe On Air

(Photo: Screenshot/MSNBC)

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MSNBC co-hosts and lovebirds Mika Bryzinski and Joe Scarborough had themselves an awkward moment during Thursday mornings show.



The two had long been rumored to be a couple before last spring when they made their relationship public.

As the show opened, Scarborough attempted to hold his fiancé’s hand and was immediately shut down.

Mika started the show by telling her audience, “We did lots of fighting over issues, so it should be a good show today.”

Joe replied, “No, we did not,” and then proceeded to make his move. Reaching across his body, Joe went to hold his co-host’s hand, but she quickly recoiled.

Mika, patently uncomfortable, told him, “Don’t do that. Not on the air. Not on the air! What’re you doing? It’s 6:03.”

Feeling the embarrassment, Joe turned to his panelists for comfort, asking them, “Willie, can I ask you a question? We’re engaged. I mean, we’ve been engaged now for, like, 13 years. Do you think I should be able to hold her hand at this point in the engagement?”

The “Morning Joe” panelists appeared bewildered and an awkward silence ensued. (RELATED-Joe And Mika Share Another Awkward Moment After Bashing President Trump)

In an attempt to keep the segment moving, Mika responded, “If you’ll be quiet, I’ll hold your hand.”

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