Republicans Are Pumped To Vote In Midterm Elections, Poll Results Show

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Mike Brest Reporter
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According to the latest CBS/YouGov poll, a higher percentage of Republicans are more likely to vote in the November midterm elections than Democrats.

Latest CBS/YouGov tracking poll — 63% of Republicans say they’re “definitely” going to vote in the midterms. Just 58% of Democrats say the same. pic.twitter.com/hqSK8aYsqs

The survey asked 2,063 people of all political party affiliations on June 21–22 about many different topics, including the midterm elections.

The results show that 63 percent of Republicans say they are “definitely” going to vote in November, while 11 percent said that they were “probably” going to vote. These results signify that nearly three-fourths of the Republicans surveyed in the poll are likely to participate in the upcoming election.

Comparatively, only 58 percent of Democrats stated they would “definitely” vote, and 10 percent said they would “probably vote.” Therefore, while 74 percent of Republicans are likely to vote, only 68 percent of Democrats plan to do the same.

Further, only 4 percent of Republicans said they will definitely not vote, compared to 11 percent of Democrats.

Back in 2016, approximately 80 percent of both Democrats and Republicans said they were “definitely” going to vote in the presidential election according to the same poll. The parties also were even in the percentage of people who said they wouldn’t vote.

According to PBS, only 36.4 percent of eligible voters turned out for the 2014 midterm elections, which was a 70-year low.

The margin of error for the poll is approximately 2.6 percent.