VOTE: Which Is The Best Sarah Sanders Burn?

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Jessica Jenkins Contributor
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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has a unique way of dealing with reporters. When she gets lobbed seemingly unfair and irrelevant questions, she often throws it back at the reporters with insults and questions of her own, which can result in the making of her own news, a unique feature of this administration that has made her into a well-known public figure.

In an administration that often must face heated criticism, it seems to be Sander’s personal way of giving herself back some control in an increasingly chaotic press corps.

CNN contributor Jim Acosta and Sanders seem to have a particularly intense relationship, which can result in insults and screaming or lighthearted joking and teasing. This unique crowd-control tactic has resulted in a number of interesting and funny encounters between the White House press secretary and members of the press over the course of the Trump administration.

Which of these throwbacks is the most epic? Which is your favorite? Vote here!