Even BILL CLINTON Says He Has ‘A Lot Of Respect’ For How Sarah Sanders Handled Getting Kicked Out Of Restaurant

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Former President Bill Clinton said that he had “a lot of respect” for how White House press secretary Sarah Sanders handled getting kicked out of a Virginia restaurant over the weekend.


“What I would say is — I read the article about the lady who owned the restaurant, and I wound up with a lot of respect for the way she debated it,” Clinton said on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”

“But I also had a lot of respect for the way Sarah Huckabee Sanders handled it. I mean, she was very dignified. She didn’t chew them out. She didn’t pitch a fit. She didn’t call them, you know, immigrant-loving thugs, or whatever.”

“She just got up and left and offered to pay. So maybe what I’d like to see this be the beginning of something where, you know, it would be better if we started talking to each other again. Sooner or later people need to quit tearing each other down and go to work. But I think that you can’t foment as much hatred as has been fomented by the administration without having a blowback. So it if they want to have more civility, they need to stop the name-calling and take the lead.” (RELATED: Reporters Shout At Sarah Sanders As She Enters The State Dinner With France — She Makes Them Eat Snails)

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