CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin Predicts A Dozen States Will Ban Abortion After Trump Appoints Kennedy’s Replacement

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CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin claimed a dozen states will ban abortion as a result of President Donald Trump’s new Supreme Court pick, Thursday on “New Day.”

“The only reason why abortion is a constitutional right in the United States is because Anthony Kennedy serves on the Supreme Court,” Toobin said. “Without Anthony Kennedy, and with one of the 25 justices, half a dozen to a dozen states will ban abortion in the next year or so.” (RELATED: Rachel Maddow Thinks Abortion Will Be Illegal Soon)


“They will pass laws saying no abortion in the state of Texas, Mississippi, South Dakota. States that have passed laws like that before. Those laws will now be upheld,” he continued.

Toobin also said homosexual rights will come under siege and believes conservatives will start refusing to serve gay customers.

“Abortion will be illegal in quite a significant part of the United States soon. That’s just one practical aspect,” he concluded. “If you are a gay couple who wants to be served in a business that is owned by religiously conservative people, you will not be able to buy a hotel room, be served in a restaurant, buy a wedding cake. These are aspects of American life that are going to change”

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