Tucker Tells America ‘What Exactly Would Happen If The Left Killed ICE’

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As calls increasingly come from the left to abolish ICE, the “agency responsible for enforcing our immigration laws,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson took a dive on Thursday into the dystopian reality such a move would create.

In such a reality, “gang members, child molesters, drug smugglers and convicted murderers” could “not be deported” from a nation essentially without enforceable borders.


The Daily Caller founder began his show by noting the “ideological revolution” on the left evidenced by the “progressive fringe” like “self-described socialist called Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” — who ran on a platform of eliminating ICE — winning elections despite the fact that “Democratic leaders seem embarrassed” by the notion. (RELATED: Ocasio-Cortez: Abolishing ICE Is ‘Common Sense’)

“Suddenly, in days, getting rid of ICE is something many Democrats say they are for,” said Carlson. “Midterm elections are approaching so it’s time for the rest of us to take this idea seriously.”

“What exactly would happen if the left killed ICE?” he asked. (RELATED: The ‘Abolish ICE’ Movement Is As Crazy As It Sounds [VIDEO])

In addition to curbing the drug problem, last year I.C.E. “removed 226,000 people who broke American law.”

“ICE did that because ICE Is the only agency we have to do it,” noted Carlson. “Without ICE, criminal aliens could be in this country with impunity. That would include gang members, drug smugglers, child molesters and convicted murderers. They could not be deported. Companies, meanwhile, could bring in an unlimited number of illegal workers that would crash wages for American citizens even more than it already has.”

The Fox News host then spoke to the heart of the issue, the liberal “campaign for open borders.” (RELATED: Tucker Carlson: America’s Elites Want ‘Immigration Without Limit’)

“It would be a disaster, but that’s the point. The campaign against ICE is a campaign for open borders and some are honest enough to admit that. Activists have chanted this, ‘no borders, donations, stop the deportations.’ No borders, no nations. One leads to the others, always. Without borders, nations are impossible.”

“That is the left’s plan for America and finally they are saying it out loud,” he concluded.

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