MSNBC Panel Mocks Potential SCOTUS Nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s Religion

MSNBC 7/3/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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An MSNBC panel mocked Amy Coney Barrett’s religious beliefs during a segment when they were reviewing her as a candidate to fill the Supreme Court vacancy on Tuesday morning.


“Amy Coney Barrett, you know, is somebody who is known to be deeply religious. She’s a Catholic. She belongs to a very small, tight-knit group called People of Praise that has received some scrutiny lately for some of its less orthodox beliefs,” New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters said.

“Taking a lifetime loyalty oath to the organization and basically preaching an ideology that says the husband is the head of the wife in the family unit. You know, that’s all going to come out,” he continued.

Chris Jansing, the fill-in anchor for Stephanie Ruhle, laughed and interrupted, “Let’s see how that plays out when the wife is a Supreme Court justice.”

Peters then laughed and added, “Right, I know, exactly. It seems a little odd to me.”

The other two people on the panel also chuckled but remained quiet.

Coney Barrett is widely considered to be one of the candidates President Trump interviewed for the Supreme Court vacancy. Her reputation as a conservative has instilled fear in liberals. (RELATED: SCHUMER SHOWS HIS CARDS, RIPS INTO POTENTIAL SCOTUS NOMINEE HE FEARS MOST)

“The Republicans are eager to make this a fight over a religious test. They want to make the Democrats look intolerant when it comes to people of faith,” Peters said trying to explain one plausible reason why President Trump would nominate Coney Barrett.