Nigerian Witch Doctor Tries To Prove Charms Are ‘Bulletproof’ And Dies

Joshua Gill | Religion Reporter

A self-proclaimed traditional healer in Nigeria died after telling a client to test the efficacy of his bulletproof charms by shooting at him.

Chinaka Adoezuwe told his client, Chukwudi Ijezie, to shoot him while he wore the charms around his neck, evidently expecting that he would come away unharmed, according to BBC. Police have since arrested the client for murder, as Adoezuwe did not survive his ad-hoc product’s quality control test. (RELATED: Here Are The Places Where People Eat Human Flesh)

“A young man had gone to [the healer] to prepare bulletproof charms for him, which the native doctor did,” a local witness told Punch News. “After preparing it, the native doctor asked his customer to position himself very well so that he could test the efficacy or otherwise of the charms, but his customer refused.”

“But to prove the efficacy of the new charms, the native doctor positioned and handed over a gun to his customer to test-run the charm. Tragedy struck and the bullets penetrated Adoezuwe, resulting in his death,” the witness added.

Police Public Relations Officer Andrew Enwerem confirmed that Ijezie has been arrested on the charge of murder.

The incident is only the latest death in a series of “bulletproof” charm test related deaths that have recently occurred in Nigeria. Another man died in January, for instance, when a native healer shot him after he drank a “bulletproof” potion.

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