Conservative Panelist Storms Out During HLN Segment On SCOTUS

Steve Deace left an HLN panel during a segment (HLN 7/6/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Conservative radio host Steve Deace abruptly and angrily stormed out of a panel discussion about SCOTUS on HLN Friday afternoon.


The panel, discussing the issue of personal morals on the Supreme Court, got heated when Sirius XM radio host Dean Obeidallah labeled Deace’s worldviews “Christian Sharia law.”

Obeidallah’s response came after Deace said, “Here is the thing. So, I came on here to have an earnest conversation. I’ve been happily on here in the past and we’ve had one. You started with me, and I tried to have a conversation where we might get to a place of agreement. Right away, you go to Dean after me. He basically says people with my world view are — what do you call us? Christian Sharia law advocates.”

“There are people on the right who want to impose Christian Sharia law in this country,” Obeidallah retorted.

“You guys in the media don’t play referee when this stuff happens. And this is why a lot of conservatives like me don’t come on shows like this. Because we get set up to be foils — we get set up to be straw men. But here was an attempt I tried to have a legitimate conversation, and it’s already over,” Deace concluded.

At this point, Carol Costello did apologize to Deace for not pushing back on Obeidallah’s remarks.

Then, Deace took off his microphone and proceeded to storm off the set leaving the other three panelists stunned by what had transpired.

This is not the first time Obeidallah has used the term “Christian Sharia law,” and he has since stood by his comments.