Joe Scarborough: Trump’s Attorney Thinks He’s ‘Too Stupid’ To Face Mueller

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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said President Donald Trump’s legal team thinks he is “too stupid” to sit down with Robert Mueller face to face Monday on “Morning Joe.”

“I do wonder, though, what does Donald Trump think?” Scarborough said. “He surrounded himself with an attorney who thinks that he’s too stupid to sit down with Robert Mueller just because Mueller went to Princeton.” (RELATED: Joe Scarborough Slams Alan Dershowitz For Constant Political Flip-Flopping)

“But again, he’s got an attorney who thinks he’s too stupid to sit down man to man, across the table with Robert Mueller,” he continued. “I know Donald Trump didn’t go to an Ivy League school for four years and maybe he’s really insecure about that. But I wouldn’t think he would be scared. Why is he so scared to sit down across the table from Robert Mueller?”


Scarborough continued the school yard trash talk before dropping the word “stupid” several more times in an effort to incite the commander-in-chief.

“Does he think that Mueller is that much smarter than he is? Does he think he’s so stupid?” Scarborough declared. “Everybody around Donald Trump thinks that he’s so stupid — that if he talks, that Robert Mueller would trick him.”

“Everybody thought he was too stupid to get elected president of the United States. Now he has people around him as president of the United States who think that Donald Trump is too dumb, is too stupid, too idiotic to sit down across the table from Robert Mueller,” Scarborough concluded. “If I’m president of the United States, I would be insulted by that.”

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