Fox News’ John Roberts: ‘Avalanche Of You-Know-What’ After Trump-Putin Presser

Amber Athey | Media and Breaking News Editor

Fox News reporter John Roberts tweeted Monday that President Trump is facing an “avalanche of you-know-what” after his presser with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump was widely criticized after the public press conference in Helsinki, Finland, for disparaging the United States and for seeming too weak on Russia’s election meddling.

Roberts joined the chorus of dissenters, expressing shock at the wild presser and guessing that Trump would be facing a torrent of anger for his performance. (RELATED: Anderson Cooper: Trump-Putin Presser Was ‘Disgraceful’)

“Whoa,” Roberts tweeted. “There is an avalanche of you-know-what rolling downhill at warp speed toward @realDonaldTrump over this summit. Republicans — even the DNI — are throwing bucketsful at him.”

The media attacked Roberts last week for not rebuking the president when he referred to fellow journalists at NBC and CNN as “fake news.” (RELATED: Fox News’ John Roberts Releases Subtle Dig At CNN’s Acosta)

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