‘This Is Stupid Stuff’ — Lou Dobbs Owns Trump Critics Of Putin Summit With A Dose Of Common Sense

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Fox Business host Lou Dobbs tore into President Trump’s critics in the wake of intense Democratic and establishment Republican criticism of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.


While Dobbs’ panelists, Ed Rollins and Michael Goodwin, both felt that Trump could have taken a stronger tone toward Putin on the issue of Russian election interference, Dobbs defined Trump’s critics as “morons” who seem to prefer a hot war than diplomacy.

“I think the president handled himself perfectly,” said Dobbs. “What would it have taken to satisfy the morons that you saw on those clips? I mean … And what is his name, Brennan? He’s the biggest joke I have seen. What is he supposed to say?”

Dobbs then contrasted Trump’s views and approach with those who would seemingly prefer war.

“We’re going to settling this now, toe-to-toe with the Russkies, right now here in Helsinki?” asked Dobbs rhetorically. “We’ll see whose ICBM gets to which city the fastest? What are you talking about? This is stupid stuff. This beyond the pale, as far as I’m concerned. He is beginning a relationship with Putin, and if his intelligence community is so smart … where are the servers?”

“I think there’s nothing he could do to satisfy [critics],” Goodwin added. (RELATED: Rand Paul Goes After Response To Trump, Putin Meeting, Says It’s ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’)

Dobbs made the point that other world leaders, including Chinese leader Xi Jinping, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, and even Germany’s Angela Merkel aren’t exactly “good guys,” and yet we engage in diplomacy with them.

“We’ve had a series of presidents who were outright jokes,” said Dobbs. “And I’m talking Clinton. I’m talking Bush, and I’m talking Obama. The fact this country survived those three folks is amazing to me.”

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