Former Clinton State Department Official: ‘Russia Is Losing The Policy Battle’ To Trump

Mike Brest | Reporter

A former communications official for Bill Clinton’s Department of State said Tuesday that Russia is losing the policy battle with Trump.

“We’ve added weaponry into our NATO alliance. We’ve increased our readiness all across the board. NATO is spending more money. So Russia is losing the policy battle,” James Rubin said on MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson.


“They’re facing a stronger NATO militarily. A stronger nato in terms of operational capabilities. They’re facing sanctions legislation that’s not going away.”

“The president is certainly correct, that under the previous administration, the Russian leader didn’t have a lot of respect for the deterrents that we provided. We didn’t help Ukraine in the time of crisis. We didn’t come to their aid like agreements required when they disarmed their nuclear weapons,” he continued about the failures of the Obama Administration.

Rubin’s comments come a day after President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin met and held a press conference in Helsinki. Many politicians and news pundits criticized Trump for some of his comments. One congressman even implicitly suggested the military throw a coup to get Trump out of power. (RELATED: House Democrat Calls For ‘Military Folks’ To Stop Trump)

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