Carter Page Scoffs At ‘Absolutely Ridiculous’ Allegations Of Being A Russian Agent

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Tucker Carlson interviewed former Trump adviser Carter Page to discuss the FISA warrants against him on Monday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Before bringing him on, Carlson noted that Page is a man who, by the fact that he actually “walks free” despite being called a Russian agent by Democrats, is a “living rebuke to this whole grotesque [Russia] hoax.”


“This [FISA] application repeatedly describes you as an agent of the Russian government, repeatedly,” Tucker told Page. “Are you aware of any criminal charges pending against you, do you expect to be charged for working for the Russian government?”

“Not only am I not aware of it, Tucker, there’s also the fact that, no question I have ever been asked by the FBI in terms of any of these fake theories related to the dossier as you’re alluding to, none of those made any sense whatsoever, so there’s not even a premise by which I could even conceivably be charged,” said Page before calling the charge “absolutely ridiculous.” (RELATED: These 21 Pages From The Carter Page FISA Should Be Declassified, House Republicans Say)

Page denied ever meeting with two Russian officials named in the warrant, but told Tucker that he started getting calls from reporters about it in July 2016, some of whom told him they “heard about it from the Clinton campaign.”

The former Trump adviser agreed with Carlson that one of the pretexts for spying on him was a State Department briefing given by Christopher Steele, who was on the payroll of the Clinton campaign.

“I’ve talked with a couple of former assistant U.S. Attorneys, and no one has ever heard of anything like this in terms of this type of a court filing,” said Page. “It’s just absolutely preposterous in terms of their sources.”

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