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Morning Mirror: Woman Beams About Husband’s Twitter Followers

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Twitter is dark and hellish and I hate it and I’ll also never leave you assholes.”

David Mack, deputy director, breaking news, BuzzFeed News/BuzzFeed.

Woman ecstatic that her husband reaches 200 Twitter followers

“Congrats to my brilliant husband @peterdaou for reaching 200k followers! Your strength, compassion, and dignity in the fight against injustice is truly remarkable. You’re a source of inspiration and comfort to so many of us. A true patriot. I’m so damn proud of you.”
Leela Daou, activist, environmentalist, and the wife of Peter Daou, a Democratic political strategist and former blogger. He worked for former presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.
Meanwhile… NYT‘s Maggie Haberman went on CNN’s Reliable Sources Sunday to reiterate her decision to leave Twitter in terms of her engagement in the medium.
CNN’s Cillizza tries a joke about a basketball hoop  
“I put in a basketball hoop today. Ok, my father in law did it and I held the ladder. But still…” — Cillizza.

Convo Between Two Journos

Sahil Kapur, Bloomberg: “Every now and then I think about the fact that just six years ago “binders full of women” and “you didn’t build that” were what passed for serious controversies.”

Mollie Hemingway, FNC, The Federalist: “Every now and then I wonder if media will ever get how their treatment of Romney (and other GOP candidates) as a monster led to President Trump. Probably not.”

TV trash talk…

“Cocksuckers.” — the name FNC’s Jeanine Pirro called the women of “The View” at the conclusion of her interview.

“Fuck you, get the fuck out of this building.” — Whoopi Goldberg to Pirro backstage after a segment on Thursday’s “The View.” During the segment, PIrro told Whoopi she had “Trump derangement syndrome.” She was also apparently irate that CNN’s anti-Trump Ana Navaro was filling in for equally anti-Trump co-host Joy Behar.

Publicist shows you the way to his heart (or something)

“Yesterday, a woman I was meeting with and never met before opened the conversation by telling me I was a very attractive man. Friends, if you want to get in my good graces, flattery, candy, cigars will get you everywhere.” —Danny Deraney, a publicist who has appeared on NPR, CNN and SiriusXM.

Twitter philosophizing…

“A fundamental rule of Twitter is that no one will ever forgive you.” — Eve Peyser, reporter, VICE.

The Observer

“Brace yourselves. Reporters Wetting Themselves Over New Time Magazine Cover Twitter has begun.” — Washington Free Beacon’s Managing Editor David Rutz. The cover blends the faces of Russian Prez Vladimir Putin and President Trump.

Freelance foreign correspondent is fed up

“I’m tired of fighting so hard to do an important job I love and believe I’m good at. This was the last straw. I’m on the verge of giving up being a freelance foreign correspondent and moving back to the States.” — Sulome Anderson on why she’s contemplating quitting. Read the rest in WaPo here.

Viewer annoyed that female FNC host wears flats

Viewer (@vivere_817): “Flats already, three days in a row? C’mon man.”
Lisa Kennedy Montgomery: “Still have a Dbroken foot. Leave me be.”

Local Florida media gets blasted for being ‘vultures’

“Panel with students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS at #NAHJ18 Talking about what the media got right & wrong after the Parkland shooting, they say the felt more comfortable talking to national media than local media. ‘They were vultures.’ ‘They were not letting us heal properly.’” —Bianca Padro Ocasio, breaking news reporter, Orlando Sentinel.

Story idea focuses on men behaving like imbeciles

“If you are a man who has ever sent a woman regular texts even though you’re getting no reply (Hey! Hi. Hey how’s it going? Hey what’s up. Hi.) I would love to speak to you on a no-judgement basis for a piece I’m writing (you can be anon), DM or” — Maddie Holden, reporter.

Reporter insinuates Trump, Putin romance

“Maybe they can just move in together to get them past this awkward long-distance relationship thing.” — Damon Linker, The Week.

Journos call BS on Trump

TRUMP: “The Fake News Media wants so badly to see a major confrontation with Russia, even a confrontation that could lead to war. They are pushing so recklessly hard and hate the fact that I’ll probably have a good relationship with Putin. We are doing MUCH better than any other country!”


In other matters…

“Trump won’t even say Cohen’s name now? And Cohen was more than a lawyer – much more.” — CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

CNN’s Berman has feelings

Catholic lifestyle site says FNC is becoming increasing ‘gay’

They’re calling it “the gaying” of Fox News with the presence of conservative pundits like Guy Benson.

The lede: “Once regarded by conservatives as the country’s sole red, white and blue national television news network, Fox News is increasingly showing its rainbow colors.”

The story says FNC’s Bret Baier “values sodomy” after he congratulated Benson on his engagement to a man. The piece mentions The Cook Political Report’s Amy Walter (who is married to a woman) and FNC’s Shepard Smith, who is openly gay. See the whole story here.

Politico White House reporter is off to law school 

“Some ~personal news~ Today is my last day at Politico as I am off to law school! It has been an honor to work with such wonderful colleagues here at Politico and in the WH press corps. I look forward to bringing you all live tweets from Torts class!” — Michael Nussbaum, ex-Politico reporter.

CNN’s Tapper gives Trump a big double chin

Gossip roundup 

People: ABC’s “The View” loses a host to GMA.

Daily Mail: Where’s Prince Harry off to now? Find out.