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CNN Brian Stelter’s Dorkiest Moment Ever

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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I’m not sure if TV’s anti-Trump media host Brian Stelter (D-CNN) is rehearsing for a bit part in a journalism movie, but on Tuesday night he topped himself in the dork department as CNN released the tape between President Trump and his former attorney Michael Cohen.

Stelter tore himself away from food while WaPo‘s  Robert Costa “worked the phones.”

“I was at a dinner with Costa when the tape news hit. Now I’m in the @CNNTonight control room and Costa’s working on the phones.”

Oh boy! In the control room and everything?

This response is everything.

@ct pundit remarked, “Maybe it saved you a few calories.”

All the President’s Men II here he comes!

Correction: The Mirror temporarily lost her mind and confused Robert Costa for Jim Acosta. Apologies for the confusion.