Wall Street Journal’s William McGurn Proposes Abolishing FISA Court Entirely

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Wall Street Journal columnist William McGurn proposed abolishing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court entirely in an op-ed and appeared on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday to defend his position.

“In fairness, this isn’t my original argument,” McGurn told co-host Brian Kilmeade. “Robert Bork made this argument in The Wall Street Journal 40 years ago right before FISA was signed into law. And he predicted these kind of abuses. Basically, judges have no business being in a FISA decision. It’s not like a criminal warrant.” (RELATED: President Of Judicial Watch Finds Fault With FISA Court For Targeting Trump)

McGurn called the FISA application against President Donald Trump “flimsy” and said there’s always a risk of judges allowing personal feelings to cloud their decision making.

“They’re trying to find information. And when you do it, what [Bork] predicted is you will see abuse. Because either the judges will unnecessarily defer to the intelligence agencies — because they have superior technical knowledge, or they will insert their own views and opinions,” McGurn declared. “It’s just a very bad thing. If you look at this application, I think it’s pretty flimsy.”


McGurn also praised California GOP Rep. Devin Nunes for trying to shed light on the FISA process and internal corruption, while questioning the motives of California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, who’s been a vocal critic of Nunes’s work.

“Devin Nunes has come under withering assault. I think he’s done some excellent work,” McGurn said. “He wants to declassify the redacted parts. It’s interesting who wants to keep this stuff hidden.”

“Adam Schiff, all these people. We should be pushing. Look, one thing I don’t understand is why Donald Trump doesn’t just declassify all of it so we can all see for ourselves what happened,” he concluded. “It’d be a lot better than going after security clearances. Let’s see what these people were up to in 2016.”

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